Town Council

Clerk Treasurer

Nannette Angel

Town Manager

Christy L. Powell

Zoning Administrator

Tavi Wydicks 

Facilities Coordinator

Andrea Balboni

23 W. Jennings Street 

Newburgh, IN 47630

Phone: 812.853.1720

Fax: 812.853.1727

Agendas and Minutes

Board of Zoning Appeals Meetings

“Persons with disabilities or non-English speaking persons who wish to attend a public meeting or hearing and need assistance should contact Christy Powell, at Town Hall, 23 W Jennings St., Newburgh, IN 47629 or 812.853.1720 not later than one (1) week prior to any meeting or hearing. Every effort will be made to make reasonable accommodations for any such person or persons.”

The  Board of Zoning Appeals meets the fourth Monday of every month at 6:00 p.m. in Council Chambers. 

* Please note that holidays may affect the meeting date.

Newburgh Board of Zoning Appeals

Anne Rust Aurand, Council Liaison

Jason Brown - Rick Hornbeck - Jim Moore - Damien Scheessele - Tammy Timmel

Tavi Wydicks, Board of Zoning Appeals Administrator

  1. The Board of Zoning Appeals is established by the Town of Newburgh Zoning Ordinance. The appointment and terms of the Board shall be in accordance with Indiana Code 36-7-4-901, 902.

  2. The Board of Zoning Appeals shall approve or deny all variances, conditional uses, and appeals from the terms of the zoning ordinance, but only in the classes of cases or in the specified situations specified in the zoning ordinance. The Board may impose reasonable conditions as part of its approval.

  3. The Board shall set a date for a public hearing on any petition.

          a.  The notice of the public hearing shall be published one time before the date of the                     hearing.

          b.  Prior to the public hearing by the Board of Zoning Appeals, the petitioner must file in                 the Office of the Administrator proof of notification.

          c.  Cost of the notice must be borne by the petitioner.

          d.  A person may not communicate with any member of the Board before the hearing                    with the intent to influence the members' action on a matter pending before the                        Board. Not less than seven (7) days before the hearing, however, the Administrator                    may file with the Board a written statement setting forth any facts or data pertinent                  to the matter.

          e.  Should the petitioner fail to comply with the notice requirements, as provided by this                 section, before the second regular meeting of the Board of Zoning Appeals                                   following the date said petition is filed, the petition shall be withdrawn by the Board                   of Zoning Appeals and shall not be accepted for rehearing for a period of not less                       than six (6) months from the date of petition withdrawal by the Board of Zoning                         Appeals.

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