Town Council

Clerk Treasurer

Nannette Angel

Town Manager

Christy L. Powell

Zoning Administrator

Tavi Wydicks 

Facilities Coordinator

Andrea Balboni

23 W. Jennings Street 

Newburgh, IN 47630

Phone: 812.853.1720

Fax: 812.853.1727


Newburgh Town Hall
23 West Jennings Street
Newburgh, IN 47630
Phone: 812-853-1720
Fax: 812-853-1727
Town Administrative Manager
Christy Powell
  1. The Newburgh Town Administrative Manager is charged with the following duties:
  2. Implements and upholds policy set by the Newburgh Town Council
  3. Administers the execution and enforcement of all resolutions, ordinances and directives of the Town Council
  4. Provides adequate information for the Town Council to reach sound decisions
  5. Administers affairs of all departments of the Town of Newburgh (excluding Police Department).
  6. Directs all employees in the performance of their duties.
Zoning Administrator
Tavi Wydicks
  1. Administers the day-to-day operation of the planning, zoning and building functions of the Town.
  2. Serves as the Zoning Administrator.
  3. Serves as the Building Commissioner and Chief Building Inspector for the Town.
  4. Serves as the Zoning Administrator for the Newburgh Plan Commission.
  5. Serves as the Administrator for the Newburgh Historic Preservation Commission (HPC).
  6. Serves as the Administrator for the Newburgh Department of Storm Water Management (SWM).
  7. Serves as the Administrator for the Newburgh Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA).
  8. Serves as Coordinator (Operator) for the Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4).
  9. Serves as Chair of the Newburgh Site Review Committee.
Facilities Coordinator
Andrea Balboni
  1. Administers the day-today operation of administrative Town Hall duties.
  2. Handles all rental arrangements for Preservation Hall, Old Lock and Dam Building No. 47, Lockmaster Cottages and Lou Dennis Community Park Shelter.
  3. Manages building and property maintenance schedules.
  4. Maintains contracts, agreements and leases for Town buildings and properties.
  5. Serves as Facility Coordinator for the Newburgh Parks Board.
  6. Handles citizen inquires and complaints regarding refuse, recycling and yard waste issues.