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to USI's outstanding staff, faculty and students for their assistance on the website and pool survey:

Steven Stump,  Dr. Trent Egbers, Dr. Gongjun Yan

Kim Patton, Demetre Phipps, Colten Reynolds, Cameron Cochren, and Andrew Ribicki

Town Council

District I - Steve Shoemaker

District II - Allyson Shelby

District III - Stacie Krieger

District IV - Anne Rust Aurand

Council At-Large - Leanna Hughes

Clerk Treasurer

Nannette Angel

Town Manager

Christy L. Powell

Zoning Administrator

Tavi Wydicks 

Facilities Coordinator

Andrea Balboni

23 W. Jennings Street 

Newburgh, IN 47630

Phone: 812.853.1720

Fax: 812.853.1727