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The Town is proposing an Annexation Plan that would bring you into the Town of Newburgh, giving you a voice and a role in its direction and continued growth and stability.

The Town of Newburgh has extensively studied the many impacts and benefits of annexing this area. By expanding our borders and including more people who are directly impacted by our services, we are able to plan better and respond to needs while continuing to be a key player regionally.

As we present the Town of Newburgh’s Annexation Plan, it is important for property owners like you to understand how you will be affected, and the Town is committed to making sure you are well informed and involved throughout this process. Attached are Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about how the annexation will affect you. There will be six in-person public informational meetings held at the Newburgh Town Hall at 23 W. Jennings Street in August and September 2021. These meetings are your opportunity to hear directly from us about the proposed Annexation Plan, and for us to hear from you and address your questions and concerns.

The below FAQ’s link will explain the general financial impact annexation will have on individual property owners. Yes, you can expect your taxes to increase somewhat, but you will also see reductions in your sewer and trash bills and other important benefits like increased police protection, snow removal, and streamlined access to all the Town services.


August 24, Tuesday            6:30 pm

August 25, Wednesday    12:00 pm

August 26, Thursday        6:30 pm


August 31, Tuesday                 12:00 pm

September 1, Wednesday      6:30 pm

September 2, Thursday         12:00 pm


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