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Town Rentals

Allen Family Amphitheater

The Allen Family Amphitheater is a multipurpose facility that has 3 rows of concrete seating for 93 people, but most of the seating will be in the grassy hillside that will allow for additional blanket and lawn chair seating.  

Rental Rate:

$200.00 + 7% Sales Tax = $214.00

Non-Profit Rental Rate:


Stage Size:

24” depth with front stage being 41” tapering to 24’ in the back and accommodate up to 65 musicians and their instruments

Additional Features

  • Stage Lights

  • 16 Electrical Outlets on stage with additional outlets in the mechanical room and access panels

  • Stage Wiring Access Box (SWAB)

  • ADA Parking

  • Access to the Little Red Brick House

    • ADA Restroom​

    • Climate Controlled Storage/Setup Area with Sink

Allen Family Amphitheater Application


















Allen Family Amph_3.jpg
Allen Family Amph_2.jpg
Allen Family Amph_1.jpg
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